Air Stream

Air Stream

New fabric as light and refreshing as air

One day when we were packaging products, a bubble wrap caught our attention. We wondered what thousands of air openings between cloth fibers would be like.  This tiny idea became the birth of the double-sided high-gauge fabric called Air Stream, which allows air to pass through fabric fibers.

Air Stream is a fabric weaved with thin threads on both sides making it more closely weaved compared to other fabrics, which in turn allows it to be less see through and circulate air more efficiently between the fabric fibers. Because the thread itself is thin and there are breathing holes between the fabric’s fibers, the material can absorb and release sweat better than other materials. This not only makes washing easier, but also adds cooling effect.  Furthermore, lycra content, which is a type of rubber yarn giving flexibility, was increased from 18% to 34.5% to enhance elasticity and restorability.

Check out our webzine on Air Stream, a high-gauge material that is light yet non-see-through.

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