Freeve Knit

Freeve Knit

Comfortable fabric based on knitting technique

Freeve Knit is a mixed word containing “free” and “move” meaning a fabric which enables stable and active movements. For more comfortable and efficient exercising, we began by studying muscle structures. We then attempted knitting techniques to further liberate muscle movements. The new weaving method required almost no needlework, which allowed us to create clothing with minimized sewing lines. In addition, by using a variety of different knitting thicknesses, single clothing was designed to give varying pressures depending on each area.

The sewing lines were removed from the shoulder area to protect the shoulder muscles from frequent movements and elastic yarn was used for areas which require appropriate pressure such as the sleeves. Also, we incorporated two layers of fabric to protect the muscles which expand from exercising. The outer fabric draws in gentle ambient air and the inner fabric quickly dissipates body heat outward to adjust the body temperature. You can now experience muscle movements and flexibility in more detail with Freeve Knit.

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