Mulex Plus+

Mulex Plus+

Rugged durability yet soft to the touch

After the launch of Mulex, our biggest concern was customer reaction. We were very curious about how satisfactory Mulawear’s first developed fabric would be to real customers. Could we have been too ambitious by trying to incorporate too many functions in one fabric? Did we lose sight of anything? We were still bombarded with so many concerns even after the launch of Mulex. Fortunately, the early customer reactions to the Mulex fabric were positive.  Most customers found the fabric to be stronger and more comfortable compared to the existing fabric.

In spite of the positive feedbacks from the initial launch, we maintained our composure. We knew all newly launched fabrics can easily receive positive responses because damages are obviously less likely to occur in new products. We believed true evaluation of a fabric requires much more time. We gathered customer feedbacks on products made with Mulex fabric by regularly visiting fitness centers, where the most yoga clothing are consumed and the most talks about sportswear are shared. The result was full of amazing responses.

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