Premium fabric providing soft touch of cotton and rugged durability of nylon

People want a fabric that can tightly support their bodies and yet feel comfortable as if they have nothing on. These two qualities contradict each other, but we thought they might be the most ideal qualities to have in a sportswear. We soon began developing a new material which integrates comfort and functionality at the same time. In addition to comfort and functionality, we sought to create a fabric which integrates only the necessary strengths. First, we began to prioritize the requirements of a sportswear.


By quickly absorbing and releasing sweat, even heavy exercises can be enjoyed without unpleasantness.

UV Blocking - The UV blocking effect protects the skin during outdoor activities.

Anti-bacterial/deodorizing Effect - The anti-bacterial/deodorizing effect constantly provides pleasant wearability.

4-way Stretch - The flexible material stretches in 4 directions and restores shape quickly.

Soft Touch - The cotton-like soft touch minimizes skin irritation.

Excellent Durability and Dimensional Stability - The fabric is highly durable because of its low deformation and strong fiber properties.

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