The Light Version of Murable

All the strengths of Murable, but lighter.

Is there a lighter Murable that can be casually worn as a top?

Murable Light is a lighter version of the existing Murable which is only applied to tops.

Because Murable is densely weaved using sturdy and thick threads, and because tops are composed of a double-layered structure of lining and upper, the tops were slightly constraining for some people.

To provide a little more comfort, a lighter version of Murable which can be casually enjoyed by everyone was created.


Along with the fast changing times, the trend in sportswear is also rapidly changing.

Different needs on sportswear are especially branching out more and more along with the growing interests in health. Accordingly, the sportswear industry is featuring products which meet the characteristics and needs of diverse customers.

Mulawear is also looking beyond the present and applying feedbacks from a variety of customers in our products.

Murable Light boldly abandoned the former thick and hefty properties, which almost represent Murable, to create a more comfortable fabric and softer tops.

As you already know, solid thickness and adequate weight are the trademark of Murable.

However, there were voices that tops can be somewhat stuffy because of Murable’s unique sturdy nature due to the double-layered structure of lining and upper.

After much consideration, we came to the conclusion that a slightly thinner and lighter fabric was more suitable for tops and modified the symbolic thick feel of Murable to create thinner and lighter tops.

In spite of the smaller thickness, we have preserved the special strengths of Murable such as comfortability, anti-bacterial/deodorizing effect, and 4-way stretch.

Mulawear is committed to raising our customers’ satisfaction through endless innovation based on careful consideration of our customers’ voices and continuous R&D.

Denser and sturdier thread manufacturing based on Mula’s unique technology

Improved and better Murable?

We’ve conducted an anonymous survey on a group of testers who had the first chance to experience our new premium fabric Murable.


Did you notice any differences between the Murable products and the products you wore before?

95% Yes, 5% Not Sure, 0% No


If you did feel differences, in what way? (Multiple selections possible)

  1. Sturdy fit (support) 90%, B. Slim fit (shaping effect)50%, C. Comfortable fit 40%
  2. Elasticity 35%, E. Feel (texture) 30%,  F. Moisture absorption (pleasantness) 20%
  3. Easy to put on/take off 10% H. Durability 5%, I. Other 10%


Do you think the material will influence your decision to purchase future sportswear?

I will check the material before purchasing 95%

I will purchase regardless of the material 95%

Before the launch of our product after the fabric was completed, we’ve conducted a survey by recruiting preliminary testers.

95% of 100 testers answered they’ve experienced differences compared to the existing products after testing Murable.

Among them, 90% said they felt a more sturdy fit compared to the former clothing, and 50% answered the shaping effect was improved.


Expansion Rate

Dimensional Restorability

Color Fastness to Washing

Tensile Strength

The test-proven Murable boasts 140% improvement in elasticity compared to our existing materials, 180% improvement in shape restorability, and superior functionality compared to materials from other companies.


Experience the distinguished and superior functions unique to Murable.

Made light to perfectly fit everyone

Murable Light is a lighter fabric compared to the existing Murable that can be worn casually by everyone.

In spite of being lighter, you can still enjoy the tight fit and soft texture unique to Murable.

Cool Comfort function maintains consistent level of comfort

Exercising can make you uncomfortable especially when perspiration soaks your inner sportswear and the lingering moisture traps the heat generated by your body.

Murable’s excellent sweat-absorbing and release function immediately absorbs and evaporates moisture.

You can enjoy a pleasant and comfortable fit even during heavy exercises because the clothing doesn’t trap moisture.

With the UV-blocking effect, enjoy outdoor exercises without worries.

Murable has excellent dyeing property which gives it vivid colors.

Added with the UV-blocking effect, there is almost no discoloration meaning fewer worries for you whether you are exercising indoors or outdoors.

Through the UV-blocking effect added with soft touch as well, safely protect your skin in all your activities.

Anti-bacterial/deodorizing effect frees you from odor

Added with the anti-bacterial/deodorizing effect which suppresses unpleasant odors, Murable frees you from unpleasant sweat odors.

Exercising for a long time can soak clothing that cannot disperse sweat from the body trapping the moisture and allowing the odor to seep in.

However, Murable’s fabric has built-in antibacterial/deodorizing effect, which allows pleasant wearing experience without the worries of sweat odor or bacterial contamination.

4-way stretch allows you to move freely

Move with freedom and confidence!

Murable enables you to move without constraint through its unique elasticity that expands out in four directions.

This elasticity protects your muscles during exercises and reduces unnecessary motions by providing suitable support for the whole body.

The resilient and flexible fabric also reduces muscle fatigue to increase your exercise efficiency.

Soft feel enables conveniently wearability

With added feature of soft feel, it allows you to wear and take off the clothing more conveniently.

Skin irritation has been minimized through the texture which feels like cotton to the touch, and with superb shape restorability, anyone can experience the level of comfort much like wearing customized clothing.

Remarkable durability and dimensional stability

By incorporating thick threads, it is exceptionally durable and has almost no deformation.

Washing yoga clothing is very important since improper washing can completely ruin the shape of the clothing.

However, Murable’s durable fabric maintains its original shape even after repetitive washing and wearing. It has been designed to look new even after a long time of use.

Lighter Feel

Lighter Motion

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