More vivid colors through ombre dyeing technique

T-shirts are the most popular clothing which everyone enjoys wearing wherever we go. Although easy migration and low durability are some of the weaknesses, t-shirts are loved by people of all ages because they are easy to wear and manage.  Most people are familiar with such pros and cons of t-shirts and usually willingly submit to some downsides when purchasing t-shirts. That’s because many think of t-shirts as clothing which we will wear for a while and throw away.

Even so, we boldly challenged such general notions of t-shirts. “Why don’t t-shirts last for a long time?” “Shouldn’t the clothes we wear more often be that much more durable?” Based on such minor curiosity, we began developing new materials to be used in t-shirts, and we found the answer from the ombre dyeing method. Ombre dyeing refers to dyeing threads, which become the material of the fabric, first and using the dyed threads for weaving the fabric. Using a pre-dyed thread enables uniform colors and patterns, and because migration almost never occurs, the fabric maintains good tactility even after long use. Washing is also easy and discoloration rarely occurs.

Do you still think t-shirts are bound to wrinkle easily and can’t go the distance? Space will completely change your previous notions about t-shirts.

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