[MULAWEAR Noblelux Pants]

Dear Beauty,

I’m your assistant and would like to guide you through the world of K-fashion, especially amazing products of Mulawear, one of the most popular athleisure brands from Korea.

Now, everyone must be worried about the novel coronavirus and spend most of the time at home, pretty depressing. Today, I am going to help you stay lively and beautiful. I would like to suggest you make the best use of your time at home - Home Training & Therapy! It’s not good to go out to work out or visit skincare clinics. So, why don’t you start home training?

It’s doesn’t seem to be a good idea to work out at a gym or yoga studio these days. But thanks to the technology, we can still stay fit using home training contents through the television or applications like Nike Training Club or Noom Coach. You can either save your budget and time to commute and yet enjoy working out and stay healthy and fit.

Today, I recommend you one of the perfect outfits for the home training, which works so well as Work-From-Home clothes as well – Noblelux Pants.

Loblelux Pants will lift your butt and make you look fit and bootilicious. And they fit just so close to the body so they’ll just feel like your own skin. They don’t ever slip off from any movement or give any irritation to your skin. And they maintain a clean texture without glossiness.

But the real wonder does not lie in the style. You can actually wear these all day. As the optimized pattern design provides a comfortable fit without irritating the lower abdomen, lymph glands, and y-zones, you wouldn’t feel any pain or discomfort wearing these. Pressure leggings can cause harm to the health of women, compressing the lower abdomen and disrupting blood circulation. As lots of us would want to wear leggings in everyday life at home or outside, you should choose the comfiest one for your health.

Besides, Noblelux Pants can be worn four seasons as they’re made out of Noblelux fabric that cools in hot weather and warms in cold weather. 99% UV protection would let you wear them even on sunny days avoiding sunburn. And they use double-sided hygage fabric so it’s opacity and light-weight provides the best condition.

Now, take off all the big size sweatpants and wear the athleisure trend, lifting your mood and stay in shape.

I’ll keep you updated on the latest products of Mulawear as well as K-beauty tips. We welcome your feedback, so please leave anything you want to say, share or ask! Stay healthy and beautiful!