In the first glance, you might think that yoga is just a mild physical activity because it's not like the other exercises wherein you have to sweat a lot. Yoga is a meditational activity that does not only work your physical aspect but focuses on your mind as well. 



What Yoga Does to Our Body and Mind


In yoga, when you hold an asana (yoga posture), certain body parts are gently stretched and held in that angle. When muscles are stretched, the blood circulation to that area increases as well. When you get used to posture and breathing is getting calm, the quality of blood reaching those areas is better oxygenated nourishing the body part. Aside from that, certain internal organs are also pressed and gently massaged while holding the asana that leads to the invigoration of internal organs.


Yoga taps the human mind in a way that it stimulates inner peace. It unifies your mind, body, and spirit in order to achieve optimum health. The serene mind-oriented exercise helps the individual becomes grounded in the present moment and experience life more fully. With the combination of asana, proper breathing, and various other concentration tools, it can lead to mental clarity and a focus on oneself and all that is around us. 

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