MULAWEAR - Stay home, Stay fit with mulawear

Dear Beauty,

Hope you are all well and staying safe & healthy during the awful days. Hope all of you keep cool and calm, with clear mind.

Even though you can't go outside, you still have to do exercise at home. Simple stretching is also good, and as I introduced you previously, use TV VR or AR content, Nike training club, and yoga apps to do home training every day.

I'd like to introduce the Sweat Times Sports Bra, which is comfortable and stylish for any exercise. You know you can't wear wired or laced lingerie when exercising? Sports bra is essential for fitness. And of course, you’ll sweat…so sports bra is a must because you can't keep changing underwear when you sweat.

In fact, I usually prefer sports bra as inner wear even when I go out. Because the back and neckline design looks chic, it is also the best in aesthetic leisure fashion.

Sweat Times Sports Bra comes in 5 colors: Black, White, Sepia, Glow Green, and Tangerine, and the Y-Back detail is particularly stylish. you will feel how light and comfortable this bra is. No matter which activity, this will be your go-to sports bra because it's got the beautiful design with U-Neck detail and the maximum comfort. As it is made with Airstream & Pure Cotton, you never have to worry about sweating and discomfort. It comes with a pair of pads.

But the real wonder does not lie in the style. You can actually wear these all day. As the optimized pattern design provides a comfortable fit without irritating the lower abdomen, lymph glands, and y-zones, you wouldn’t feel any pain or discomfort wearing these. Pressure leggings can cause harm to the health of women, compressing the lower abdomen and disrupting blood circulation. As lots of us would want to wear leggings in everyday life at home or outside, you should choose the comfiest one for your health.

Besides, Noblelux Pants can be worn four seasons as they’re made out of Noblelux fabric that cools in hot weather and warms in cold weather. 99% UV protection would let you wear them even on sunny days avoiding sunburn. And they use double-sided hygage fabric so it’s opacity and light-weight provides the best condition.

When exercising, don't forget that your body line should be visible to you to see if it's postured in a right way. And it’s good to look at yourself many times for a better body shape.

Here’s one more recommendation from me. Meditation for about 5 minutes before and after exercise gives me a peace of mind. After I started meditating, I was able to shed a lot of useless thoughts and worries. Hope you can feel this peaceful happiness. Stay healthy and safe!