3D Pattern

3D Pattern

A more comfortable and beautiful fit was completed through the 3D pattern customized to body structure and the pressure balance designed to provide specific pressure to different areas.

Have you ever wondered why leggings are just flat and straight? Why do leggings have two dimensional flat shapes when our bodies have so many different three dimensional curves? The flat shape can leave loose waist areas or put too much pressure on the calves. No matter how straight your legs are, it seems your legs weren’t designed to comfortably fit into leggings.

We questioned the shape of leggings which doesn’t match our body structure and decided to create a 3D leggings pattern which best conforms to our body. First, we designed a narrower shape of the band to remove the gap around the waist area and changed to a thinner cloth to eliminate pressure on the waist. In addition, by designing a curved pattern shaped like a real calf muscle around the calf area, we were able to complete a comfortable and slim fit. Finally, we designed the clothing to have different degrees of pressure for different areas in order to apply the appropriate amount of pressure to areas which require support rather than having the leggings applying tight pressure on the entire body. You can now complete a more comfortable and beautiful fit with the further upgraded Mulawear which provides 3D patterns and golden pressure ratio around the hip, thigh, and ankle areas.

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