Developed Thread

Developed Thread

All pants products of Mulawear is made with threads developed by Mulawear.

The threads help to establish a natural fit customized to each individual as time passes.

Did you know the lifespan of one pair of leggings is 6 months to 1 year? Large and frequent movements increase the probability of threads stretching and tearing along with the leggings fabric. Once the threads tear, the holding force of leggings disappears along with the ability to restore the original shape. No matter how good a fabric’s resilience is, the lifespan of leggings is finished when the threads break along with the expanding fabric. Due to the short replacement period of leggings products, the yoga clothing industry in Korea showcases numerous leggings products each season. However, rather than planning new leggings designs each season like others in the industry, we were contemplating something a little different.

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