M-Pad is the first bust pad developed by Mulawear.

The hidden pad line helps to create a natural bust line.

M-Pad is the first bust pad developed by Mulawear. As necessity is the mother of all inventions, the necessities to make bust pads more comfortable were gathered to develop M-Pad as well. There were many uncomfortable aspects of the existing bust pads due to the insufficient volume of the thin pads and the pad line being clearly visible from the outside. Rather than searching for better pads, we decided to develop our own bust pads that are optimized to Mulawear customers by incorporating only the good points wanted by the customers.  We first improved the volume by using thicker materials than before.

Mesh material was used for the lining in order to increase softer texture on the skin and air circulation. The pad line was also made to appear less prominent on the outside by using Mulawear’s unique nude fit technique. In addition, the left and right wearing directions were indicated according to the women’s breast curvature in order to create a more natural volume. We are committed to continuously advancing Mulawear through not only M-Pad, but also through careful consideration and improvements based on the voices of our customers.

Special Functional Memory Foam - This is customized memory foam which changes according to body temperature.

Optimized Thickness - The optimal thickness has been incorporated for natural shape.

Nude Fit Pad Line - Pad line is not visible even through tight materials designed for nude fit.

Shape Restorability - It always returns to the original shape.

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