M-Pad Plus+

M-Pad Plus+

It is the upgraded version of the existing M-Pad with improved volume.

It creates an added volume by naturally adhering to the skin.

Evolved volume and natural fit, M-Pad Plus+ is the second series of M-Pad with further enhanced functions than before. The new M-Pad Plus+ completely changed the materials from within. The inner side memory foam creates volume and naturally adheres to the skin. Soft urethane foam has been used on the outer side to reinforce shape restorability and the bust line has been concealed from the view of outer clothing.

The shape of the pads has also completely changed. To create a natural volume, a valley curve line has been designed based on the shape of women’s breasts. The added volume in the lower part of the pads naturally pushes and gathers the breasts from the bottom to the top. It took 5 long months to turn M-Pad Plus+ into reality. If creating products into reality was as easy as they seem in our head, it would save us so much trouble, but converting good ideas into real products is not an easy process. From the selection of the lining and upper fabric to creating the optimal shape of the pads, the most difficult part was making each pieces of the puzzle fit without displacing the other pieces. However, we did not give up and persevered as usual to find the optimal fabric and pad shape. As a result, we were able to create the new and improved M-Pad Plus+ with enhanced volume and wearability while preserving all the strengths of the former M-Pad at the same time.

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