Wild and Free No Cut  Noblelux
Wild and Free No Cut  Noblelux
Wild and Free No Cut  Noblelux
Wild and Free No Cut  Noblelux
Wild and Free No Cut  Noblelux
Wild and Free No Cut  Noblelux
Wild and Free No Cut  Noblelux
Wild and Free No Cut  Noblelux
Wild and Free No Cut  Noblelux
Wild and Free No Cut  Noblelux

Wild and Free No Cut Noblelux


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The hip line is naturally rolled out to give a feminine silhouette. High-rise design with a sense of stability can produce a slim leg line.

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It is a premium fabric which provides the soft touch of cotton and rugged durability of nylon. The Cool Comfort function provides pleasant wearability and the reduced deformation from washing allows easier use and storage.
  • Hand washing only recommended
  • Use neutral detergent
  • Do not pre-soak
  • Wash with similar colors
  • Do not use bleach or strong enzyme products
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • After removing moisture, spread the clothing and dry in shade
  • Do not iron

Please note that damages caused by careless washing will not only be replaced or refunded, but will not be compensated or liable.

 Size 2 (XS) 4 (S) 6 (M) 8 (L) 10 (XL)
Waist 44cm | 17.3" 48cm | 18.9" 52cm
| 20.5"
56cm | 22.4" 60cm | 23.6"
Hip 63cm 67cm 71cm 75cm 79cm
Thigh 39cm 41cm 43cm 45cm 47cm
Full Length 83cm 83.5cm 84cm 84.5cm 85cm
11/17cm 11.5/17.5cm 12/18cm 12.5/18.5cm 13/19cm

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Why choose Noblelux?


It’s made out of Noblelux fabric that cools in hot weather and warms in cold weather, and can be worn for all seasons.


Using double sided hygage fabric, it’s opacity and light-weight provides the best condition.


The optimized pattern design provides a comfortable fit without irritating the lower abdomen, lymph glands and y-zones.


99% UV protection can be worn in sunny weather without fear of a sunburn.


It fits super close to the body, feeling like a skin. It doesn’t slip off from a dynamic movement nor gives irritation to the skin.


Even with a large surface, it maintains a clean texture without glossiness.


Unlike other leggings that are hard to put on and take off, with soft texture, Mulawear’s Noblelux is much easier to wear.

Don’t be allowing discomfort to look good!

Pressure leggings that can cause harm to women’s health

Pressure leggings strongly compress the lower abdomen, disrupting blood circulation. Strong pressure on the lower abdomen causes harm to women’s health. For whom is the pressure leggings that harms women’s health for?

More people wear leggings in everyday clothing than ever before. But it’s not completely perceived from people’s eyes yet. It’s a fact that you are more conscious about your body as it reveals your body line. As a result, we are constantly producing leggings that tighten our bodies, such as “pressure leggings” and “body correction leggings”. But wait, until when should we endure discomfort to look beautiful? Stop wearing pressure leggings that harm your health! Wear leggings that’s made right for you.

Don’t be allowing discomfort to look good!

Y-zone is a groin area made up of genitals, anus and urethra, and largely because of the femoral vessels, it’s a big part of the toxins release in your body.

In particular, lymph nodes that are directly linked to immunity are most closely distributed in the groin in Y-zone, especially inguinal lymph nodes require more attention as they are greatly affected by small irritations.

3rd Party Leggings

  • Flow blocked from Y-zone
  • Flow chart of the calf and ankle is out of circulation

Mulawear Noblelux Leggings

  • Overall, circulation is smooth throughout the body.
  • Body temperature is maintained evenly as well.

For the blood circulation test, we recorded the thermal imaging of 3rd party leggings and Noblelux pants.
As a result of the test, when wearing leggings made of Noblelux fabric, we found green color from the waist to the Y-zone and the ankle, which means blood circulation was smooth. In particular, the Y-zone part showed a larger reddish area than the 3rd party leggings, indicating that the Noblelux pressure of the Y-zone was much lower. On the other hand, when wearing other company’s leggings, the color from the waist to the ankle was almost blue.