Athleisure Line

Athleisure Line

The Birth of an Athleisure Line

Only a few years ago, there were far less people who invested extra time for exercising. However, with the growing interests in staying healthy over time, the culture of investing our valuable time and enjoying exercising every chance we get has deeply rooted in our lifestyles. Such culture has become the foundation of new trends of athleisure look for the sportswear industry as well.

As a trend leader, Mulawear has been continuously showcasing our athleisure line for a few years. Mulawear aims to create more diverse athleisure looks and become an athleisure brand which can be enjoyed by people of all ages. We wanted to showcase a variety of clothing based on our technologies accumulated over the years. Our hope is for more diverse people to wear better clothing for a wider range of occasions.

Through online and offline customer feedbacks, our goal became more resolute. For a long time, many customers have requested “clothing that can be worn during exercises as well as in everyday life.” Many of our customers said they want more variety of clothing because they can trust our products and are willing to buy any clothing made by Mulawear.

It has been 8 years since we pioneered the barren yoga clothing market in Korea. Our sincerity shown through our quality products has built great confidence in our customers over time. Now, many of our customers are purchasing our products because of their confidence in the name “Mulawear.” Starting a new athleisure brand when so many of our customers are familiar with our yoga brand may be a risky challenge. However, we are confident we can satisfy our customers’ needs. Based on 8 years of technologies, quality know-hows, and tenacity toward great products, we will once again show Mulawear’s athleisure look is also unparalleled.