When inspirations remain as thoughts, that’s all their going to be, just ideas. However, if we express the inspirations in some way, they can become works of art. To cater to the diverse traits and preferences of our customers, we have reinterpreted diverse inspirations from our daily lives into sportswear.

Meaning elegance and brilliance, Brillante is a premium printing line of Mulawear. Many different inspirations have been expressed into patterns and incorporated onto our own fabric optimized for printing. Everything around us became the subject of inspiration such as diverse architectures in every corner of our city, modest natural sceneries, and even freely flowing musical waves. From ethnic and traditional patterns to powerful camouflage patterns, there is no limit to Brillante patterns. Think outside the basic designs and find the pattern that expresses your style among the diverse patterns of Brillante you can only find with Mulawear.



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