Customer-oriented Management

Customer-oriented Management

路 We give our ears to even the most trivial feedbacks.

Mulawear was able to steadily grow to this day because we never lost sight of our customers. Without the continuous faith and support from our customers since we first pioneered the new yoga clothing market on this barren land of Korea, today鈥檚 Mulawear would not have survived. That鈥檚 why we believe it is our duty to reply in kind with better products and move forward until there are no inconveniences left unanswered no matter how trivial they may be. In fact, every customer feedback such as inconveniences which can only be discovered through prolonged use of our products is a great asset toward creating better products. We will spare no efforts to give our ears to all the voices so that we may create the optimal yoga clothing for all our customers.

路 Our management is centered on our customers.

No matter how great a product may be, we believe the product is no good if there aren鈥檛 any customers who want them. The new products released each week and our own fabrics born through long hours of efforts are all made based on the opinions of our customers. Not only our products, but also all the decisions of Mulawear are always geared toward the customers.聽When we began our own web magazine, we eagerly took the challenge of creating new and richer contents for our customers despite being the first such attempt by a yoga clothing brand in Korea. Eventually, we were able to establish the web magazine as a community and created a new channel of communication with the customers.

路 We envisioned a resting area for our customers.

If we were to build an offline store, we wanted to create a space of relaxation rather a space of sales pitch, where customers can browse Mulawear鈥檚 products and take a break from their busy lives. We imagined a space of leisurely break amidst the busy city life, and as a result, we gave birth to Cafe: Mula. Based on the stylish and cosmopolitan marble material, natural wood materials and plants filled the space to create a comfortable resting area. The space for trying on and purchasing Mulawear鈥檚 products on one side assimilates with the cafe to form a unique and converged store.