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One Mile Leggings 24.5 Murable & Air Stream

 There are not many things as irritating as sweaty clothes from exercising.

What if there were leggings so comfortable that you will never want to take them off?

Could there be leggings which people can freely wear during exercises and in everyday life without being self conscious?

We wanted to create leggings with such qualities.

That's also why we named the leggings "1 Mile."

It means they can be casually worn anywhere within 1 mile. 



Now, One Mile Leggings are all the leggings you will need!

This is the truly ultimate edition.

You will remember how comfortable they are from the moment you put them on to the moment you take them off!




Tied Up Tank & Tie Back Tank

Match your One Mile Leggings 24.5 with Tied Up Tank & Tied Back Tank!



Tie them up for shorter length & unite them for longer length depending on how you want it to be designed!

Made with our special technique, neck & arm holes are super comfy without any distraction.

Stay cool with the split back detail while you're working out indoor 😎


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