M-Pad Air

M-Pad Air

According to a survey on volume pads conducted by Mulawear, 75% of 907 women answered “the lingering sweat makes it uncomfortable to wear volume pads” and 83% of them said they “sacrifice breathability of the material for volume.” To achieve more volume, a thicker pad is the only option, but the thicker the pad is the less breathable it is. This is one dilemma which everyone has experienced when buying volume pads. But, what if there is a volume pad equipped with both volume and breathability? This is the M-Pad Air which is equipped with volume, breathability, and wearability.

M-Pad Air is the third M-Pad series which has been upgraded by further enhancing the breathability of the existing M-Pad Plus+. We decided to use a perforation technique to increase air circulation while preserving the volume. The pad has been covered with air holes to increase absorption and release of moisture. In addition, by considering the bust curve which spreads outward, the product’s right and left shapes have been differently designed to naturally push and gather the breasts toward the center. The ergonomic design based on the shape of women’s breasts creates a more voluminous and natural bust. In addition, the general notion of heavy volume pads has been broken by making the pads weighing only 10g, which is 5g lighter than the existing 15g M-Pad Plus+.

M-Pad Air is composed of a total of 4 different types of materials. First, the inner area consists of the memory foam, which changes its shape according to each individual’s breast shape by reacting to the body temperature, and the urethane foam, which wrinkles less due to its excellent shape restorability. For the lining, a mesh fabric with great breathability has been used to minimize skin irritation. Finally, by using Interlock having stretchy, flexible, and soft texture properties as the surface fabric, all the great functions have been encapsulated into one pad.

There many things to consider during exercises. It’s important to constantly self-check our breathing technique and muscle movements. As it is important to practice every single motion in the proper form, choosing a good bra pad can be the first step toward a pleasant and comfortable exercise. Experience a new inner comfort with M-Pad Air.