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Make Ultimate comfort Lead Athleisure


MULA is a French word for "Perfect Fit", meaning it's comfortable and a great fit on any body. This is the vision of MULA.

The flower motif logo consisting of five petals signifies ethical management, customer satisfaction, reliable quality and continuous research and development.

Ethical Management
A company that earns the trust of its customers through transparent, fair and rational management
Sensational Design
A trendsetting company and design with sensibility
Continuous Research and Development
Continuous research and development for satisfactory quality
Reliable Quality
Proven quality with long know-how and unrivaled technology
Client Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction System that puts customers above all


Currently, yoga suits are new line of leggings from a single brand before the end of one season.

Leggings are already saturated and over the course of the day the competition is heating up.The situation is very difficult at this moment. Keeping up with popular trends. What is the success of the leggings? But why record a complete version?

"MULA has taken a long time and cost to make because we make a good product."

When launching a new product line, from planning to sales, It takes about 3 months to 1-2 years of time.

As all products are released under the name MULA. This is because many people have to study with diligence and tens of thousands of testing processes are necessary.

However, the fact that new leggings will be released within a time span of 1-2 months, It means that the time researching and researching the product was also short.

Appearance of the product can look good but the quality and durability of the product is inevitable.

Do you know that the lifespan of leggings are only 6 months to one year?

MULA leggings last from 5 to 6 years.

Even if we make one of our leggings, we make it properly. All of MULA's products are sewn in with a dedicated self-developed room underneath. The thread does not break even if you wear it for a long time.

In addition, the industry adds costly and special reinforcing sewing machines. We are proud of our perfect, long wearing durability. Even if you spend a lot of time and money, quality know-how and detail, MULA is a strong competitive brand that no one can imitate.

As your interest in health grows, take the time to work out and invest in your health.

A culture that enjoys leisurely exercise everyday has settled deep in our life.

MULA is preparing a leap into the Essex brand in keeping up with the times. Based on long accumulated technology and know-how in quality. It has an sleek look so you can enjoy sporting and athletic wear comfortably and happily in everyday life. We will strive to be reborn as a brand that is loved.



Mulawear only uses premium fabrics that provide comfort and durability.


Mulawear uses self-produced fabrics, pads, and even the smallest materials as the result of our continuous R&D.