Pure Cotton

Pure cotton

The lining which is closest to your skin is as important as the outer fabric. Because sportswear are especially prone to wet conditions from sweating, the lining of sportswear must be made of more hygienic and less irritating fabric. With the consideration of anti-bacterial and breathability as the top priorities, we selected pure cotton as our lining fabric. A majority of fabrics used in Mulawear products are made of pure cotton. Pure Cotton is an eco-friendly and health-sensitive material which uses bamboo fibers. Very fast absorption and release of moisture are a few of bamboos’ properties, and because pure cotton also has the same moisture absorption and damp-proof properties of bamboo, it is a fabric with superb sanitary function.

In addition, because pure cotton has numerous minute spores with strong adsorptivity just like the special physical structure of bamboo fibers, it adsorbs harmful substances and removes odor. The bamboo’s rich nutritive substances in the fabric not only regulates our blood flow and nervous system, but also induces anions to alleviate physical fatigue.