Support Top Lining Upgrade

Support Top Lining Upgrade

Why are yoga clothing always so tight on the body? Is it possible that we are wearing excessively tight yoga clothing for no good reason? Such questions became the topic of our discussions. It seemed comfortable clothing would be better apt for making natural motions.

We decided to create yoga clothing made for comfortable wearing under all conditions. Most importantly, we believed yoga clothing, tops more specifically, can fit more comfortably if we can improve the inner area supporting the chest as this area receives the most pressure. Actually, because inner areas are obviously hidden inside clothing, even extensive modifications of inner areas are hard to spot unless you turn the clothing inside out. However, we believed these unnoticeable and small changes were far more important than the visible areas. That’s because comfortability of clothing is mostly determined by small details such as the thickness of fabric and sewing method.

To make more comfortable yoga clothing, we first abandoned the thick and tight fabric. Up to now, the thick functional fabric which prolongs elasticity was almost a signature attribute representing Mulawear. We had many customers who specifically enjoyed the tight fit unique to Mulawear. However, we drastically reduced the thickness of fiber by more than half to create softer and more flexible yoga clothing. The breast band was also changed to a softer and more flexible type from the former type which was firm and tight around the torso. We tried to enable less constrained breathing by reducing prolonged pressure from the breast band during exercises. We also improved the comfort of bust cups. Most women probably have experienced the discomfort of bust pads moving around everywhere in their clothes during exercises. Mulawear has increased the sewing line in the center of the chest to two lines to firmly fix the bust pads and alleviate discomfort during movements. The insert openings for the bust pads were also improved. The change of the former semicircular shape to a straight line and addition of 4mm rubber band prevents stretching or tearing even after long use making it more durable. Large improvements were also made to the lining. If you turn Mulawear’s new tops inside out and see the inner lining fabric and outer lining fabric, you will clearly see the difference compared to the former products. The inner lining and outer lining fabrics of our previous products were both made of soft bamboo cotton. However, the current inner lining fabric which touches the skin is made of soft bamboo cotton fabric while the outer lining fabric which doesn’t touch the skin is made of mesh fabric to enhance breathability and durability. While preserving the soft touch, mesh fabric was used in the outer lining fabric to increase pleasant wearing experience.

Anyone can quickly notice discomfort, but most are relatively less sensitive to comfort. However, it really doesn’t matter if no one knows what was changed and how it was changed. Anyone can determine if a clothing is comfortable or not in less than a minute. It also seems people who have experienced comfortable clothes never go back to uncomfortable clothes.