Radiance Bio Cellulose Mask - 5 sheets
Radiance Bio Cellulose Mask - 5 sheets
Radiance Bio Cellulose Mask - 5 sheets

Radiance Bio Cellulose Mask - 5 sheets


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Radiance Bio Cellulose Mask - 10 sheets

New bio-materials used in bioenergy, food, medical applications, cosmetics, and electronic components¬∑ Polymeric materials produced by the culture of strains, provided by the combination of ő≤-1,4 glucose¬∑Developed with cellulose mask pack as it has a moisture content capacity of 200 times the weight of drying¬∑It can be used as a material to prevent contamination
Containing coconuts. Greatly Moisturizing Mask Pack
Lavien Radians Bio-Cellulose Mask Pack contains 75% of the bottle-leaf extract and essence itself! Contains 30ml of Lavien Essence



1. After washing the face, remove moisture from the face.
2. Remove one of the covers on both sides of the seat and attach the removed cover to the face.
3. Put it completely on the skin and remove the rest.
4. After taking a rest for about 10 to 20 minutes, remove the seat and pat the remaining essence to the skin to absorb it.